Electroacoustic music by Croatian composers

Igor Kuljerić : Impulses (1971-1987)

After the anthology In Search of a New Sound and Transactions by Silvio Foretić, Multimedia Institute has published the third installment of the series Electroacoustic music by Croatian composers.
Compact Disc Impulses (1971-1989) by Igor Kuljerić includes previously unpublished experimental and applied music from the composer’s private archive. Most of the music was recorded in Studio di Fonologia in Milan during the 1970s. Kuljerić brought the electro-acoustically processed material to Zagreb where he applied it as stage music, mostly in collaboration with choreographer Lela Gluhak Buneta.
Research work, digitization and restoration of recordings of about 150 tapes is done by our longtime associate Višeslav Laboš, who is also the editor of the CD. Cover art was made by Nikolina Steković.


This project is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia.