The School of Indispensable Knowledge

Catherine Malabou & Érik Bullot — CANCELED

February 14 - February 16 2017 @ Zagreb

Our program of The School of the Indispensable Knowledge, in which we previously had a chance to host speakers such as Dubravka Ugrešić, Peter Szendy, Slobodan Šijan or Eyal Sivan, is continuing with its course this February with the lectures of French philosopher Catherine Malabou and filmmaker Érik Bullot.


— Academy of Dramatic Art (February 14) & Booksa (February 16)

Catherine Malabou is one of a leading French philosophers, and a common thread of her philosophical work is the notion of plasticity and the possibility of plastic ontology. Plasticity signifies in equal measure the capacity to receive form (as in the plasticity of clay) and the capacity to create form (as in the plastic arts or plastic surgery). Malabou has borrowed her central concept from Hegel and developed it further while bridging numerous gaps between philosophy, psychoanalysis and neuroscience in the process, and thereby transforming each of these disciplines.

The focus of Malabou’s latest work is the concept of life, and in the lecture ‘The future of life, the future of philosophy’ she will outline the direction of her future research.

* public lecture will be held on Februray 14 at 7 pm at the Academy of Dramatic Art (Hall F22 / Frankopanska 22), in English without translation. There is no entrance fee.

A conversation with Catherine Malabou will be held two days later (February 16, Booksa, Martićeva 14D at 7 pm ), on the occasion of the Croatian translation of her book The Ontology of the Accident. Her interlocutor will be Ante Jerić, the author of the book With Malabou: Profiles of Contemporary Thought.



— The Musuem of Contemporary Art Zagreb (February 15)

Cinema is not just a visual art, it is also a means of expression closely linked to language and translation. Its invention takes place within a series of invented languages. Is it a kind of visual Esperanto? How do we communicate? How do we manage to pass from one medium to another?

French filmmaker Érik Bullot is the author of numerous ironical films between artist’s film and experimental cinema. On Wednesday (February 15) at 18h at the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb (Avenija Dubrovnik 17), after the author’s introductory lectures we will present three of his films on the subject of  languages and translation: singing the names of cities (Geographical Fugue, 2013, 4′), recitation of absurd phrases in ten different languages, playing with sound and meaning of words (Tongue Twisters, 2011, 11′), chanting back, talking in different languages, solving puzzles, using translation algorithms, speaking in sign language, calligraphy, inventing non-existent language (Speaking in Tongues, 2005, 26′). After the screening there will be a discussion with the author about the language /s, translation, linguistics and semiotics.

The event is realized in cooperation with the program Cinema Artists of the Museum of Contemporary Art.



The lectures of Catherine Malabou and Érik Bullot are organized by the Multimedia Institute in collaboration with Kulturtregger, Academia of Dramatic Art and The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb.
The School of the Indispensable Knowledge takes place within the project Aesthetic Education Expanded – collaborative work of Multimedia Institute, Kulturtregger, Berliner Gazette (Berlin), kuda.org (Novi Sad) and Kontrapunkt (Skopje).
With the support of Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, Office for Cooperation with NGOs, The City of Zagreb, Croatian Audiovisual Centre and the European Commission’s programme Creative Europe.
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