August 2016


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Constellations of contemporary thought

Aaron Schuster – The Trouble with Pleasure

Monday / July 11, 2016 / 20:00

Please join us to celebrate the publication of Aaron Schuster’s new book The Trouble with Pleasure: Deleuze and Psychoanalysis (MIT Press, 2016).


Constellations of contemporary thought

Gregor Moder – Hegel and Spinoza

tuesday, 05.07.2016., 19:00 @ MaMa

The focus of Gregor Moder’s lecture is to take a closer look at the concept of teleology in Spinoza and Hegel and to show that their respective positions on this matter may not be mutually incompatible.


Political Technotope: Institute for Political Ecology and Multimedia Institute are inviting you to the talk

Anthropocene, Capitalocene, and the Crisis of the 21st Century

monday, 20/06/2016, 7pm @ MaMa

In this talk Jason W. Moore considers capitalism as a world-ecology of power, capital, nature.


Anthology of electroacoustic music from Croatia

In Search of a New Sound : 1956-1984

Višeslav Laboš je kompilirao, a mi na dvostrukom CD-disku objavili, prvi dio antologije elektroakustičke glazbe iz Hrvatske.


We’re on vacations…

15th of July - 22nd of August 2016

MaMa is closed for public programs from 15th of July until 22nd of August. Have a nice summer and see you again soon!


Eric Jarosinski is back in MaMa

Monday, 06/06/2016, 19:00h @ MaMa

Eric Jarosinski is coming back! We were smitten by the popular “twitter philosopher” behind the handle @NeinQuarterly and his compendium of utopian negation at MaMa last November, so now it’s time for a sequel.


Bruno Besana – In excess of nothing: destruction, voidance and intensification

Saturday, May 28, 19:00 @ MaMa

Lecture on the attempts of politics and philosophy to intensify contradictions towards an explosive point and to produce the new by suspending or erasing any relation with given modes of representation.

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