Maya Gonzalez: Socijalna reprodukcija, kućanski rad i seksualnost

četvrtak, 23.3.2017., 18:00h @ MaMa

Maya Andrea Gonzalez o objedinjavanju feminizma, klasne analize i Marxove kritike.


Radionica u organizaciji Kluba za mlade Zagreb


petak, 24.03.2017, 17:00h @ MaMa

Na radionici “Ekofeminizam” razgovarat ćemo o dosadašnjim idejama i saznanjima iz područja ekofeminizma te uz odabrane izvore i tekstove raditi na određenim pitanjima vezanima za temu ekofeminizma.


Discussion Club #3: Globalization

srijeda, 29.03.2017, 17:00h @ MaMa

Hey guys! We invite everyone to the discussion club to talk about social phenomena, critically comprehend norms & beliefs, expand the boundaries of our world view, learn other cultures, chat. The topic of the meeting #3 – “GLOBALIZATION. A threat or a driver of the culture?” We will discuss and see into next issues: – […]


Ruby Meetup / Ožujak 2017.

utorak, 28.03.2017, 18:00h @ MaMa

Hello Rubyists, let’s meet for our regular meetup in March! Presentations will be held in our usual meeting place at MaMa, and will be followed with lots of beer and chit-chat at the usual location Pivnica Medvedgrad (Ilica). As usual, we’ll have a couple prizes to share at the end 😉 — Stanko Krtalić Rusendić […]


Terminal Meetup / Travanj 2017.

utorak, 04.04.2017, 18:30h @ MaMa

Have you ever wanted to become a Ninja? Well, Petar Šegina most certainly did! However, he has grown up in the wrong millennium, instead becoming a black-belt NinjuITsu master. Over the many years of training in his favorite terminal emulator (because as everyone knows, millennials don’t know what a “console” is, let alone the serial […]


Bitcoin Meetup: Introduction to Monero

ponedjeljak, 03.04.2017, 18:15h @ MaMa

Our 20th meetup is about Monero and privacy in the context of crypto-currencies. Justin who has been quite involved with Monero is visiting Zagreb which is a great opportunity for us to gather, hear and talk about Monero. Monero is an unlinkable, untraceable currency whose transactions are private by default. Since it launched in 2014, […]



Kino emancipacije, II. ciklus (8): Žena s dva lica

četvrtak, 23.3.2017., 20:00h @ MaMa

Na sljedećem susretu gledamo debakl nakon kojeg se Greta Garbo zauvijek povukla iz Hollywooda.

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