Terminal Meetup / Listopad 2016.

četvrtak, 27.10.2016, 18:00h @ MaMa

Introduction to Virtual Machines, by Heriberto Sierra This talk is about the basics of Virtual Machine management. After talking about what virtualization is and why would you ever need it, Heriberto will guide you through basic terminology and some obviously random sequence of characters such as: hypervisor, host, client, Dom0, DomU and more… He will […]


HR Scala Meetup / Listopad 2016.

četvrtak, 13.10.2016, 19:00h @ MaMa

Dear Scala lovers, after such long time without any meetings we are finally meeting again to talk about akka-http goodness! During this talk we will warm up our fingers while translating our beloved Spray knowledge into akka-http and creating a simple application that includes routing, Twirl templates and some streaming magic! See you there!


Operacija grad: Upgrade

Konferencija: Otvoreni grad – prema Interkulturnom društvenom centru

13. - 15.10.2016 @ stara vojna bolnica (Vlaška 87)

Konferenciju organizira platforma “Operacija grad: Upgrade” u čijem radu sudjeluje i Multimedijalni institut.


ZgPHP Meetup / Listopad 2016.

četvrtak, 20.10.2016, 18:00h @ MaMa

Yet another ZgPHP meetup is coming our way and we are happy to host Daniel & Antonio again. Daniel Leech – Testing! In this talk Dan will discuss his personal approach to testing. Topics covered will include unit, functional and system testing, code paths, coverage, specifications, complexity, mocking (prophecy), approaches/strategies, and more. Antonio Perić – […]


O screwball komediji:

Kino emancipacije, drugi ciklus (1): Strašna istina

utorak, 11.10.2016., 20:00h @ MaMa

Drugi ciklus Kina emancipacije otvaramo filmom Strašna istina.


Python Meetup / Listopad 2016.

utorak, 11.10.2016, 18:00h @ MaMa

Tin Tvrtković: Testiranje Hypothesisom Hypothesis je relativno novi Python library za property-based testing. Objasnit ću što je property-based testing i kako iskoristiti Hypothesis da podignete vaše testove na novu razinu. *** Anyone with something interesting to say to Python community is encouraged to give a lightning talk after the main talk is finished. Lightning talks […]

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